Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Conservative Ad Campaign Hits Trump

"Carnival Sideshow With a 3-Legged Goat"

    And now it starts, finally. Trump has snookered the angry and not too educated and been their pied piper, wildly polling great numbers compared to the supposed serious candidates who would be President of the USA. And like an extended run at the carnival sideshow come to town with a three legged goat, Trump has run rampant using his own money to create a feedback loop into his own distorted and way-overblown ego. And all of it is lapped up by today's so-called News Media night after night, minute after minute. And Trump's unchecked abrasiveness, incredible generalizations and baseless attacks upon just about everything have gone on without anyone or anything seriously calling his hand.

Well, the deep pocketed and take no prisoners conservative "Club For Growth Action"  has started with a million dollar media buy in Iowa for openers to de-fang and discredit Trump with a steady barrage of TV, Radio and Print ads, basically using Trump's own blather, to pull back the curtain for his Oz followers to see what a shallow and unsubstantial man he really is.

Club for Growth is its own renegade right wing power that, " ... beats its own drum."  Here's their first barrage with one of the two :20 second TV ads that are airing in Iowa and several other States.


Trump Graphic by Larry Ray