Monday, January 26, 2009

Bush Cheney: Candid Goodbye Portrait

The photo above is an ultra zoom in on an amazing "zoomable" panoramic shot of Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony. I was able to do an extreme zoom which captures the dour duo of Bush and Cheney, seated just behind President Obama, going through the motions of applauding during his speech. Before zooming in real close, it first looked like Bush had something in his hands, but it is the tall neck of his water carafe on the little table next to him, and his left thumb sticking up that combine to make it look like he is holding something.

Mr. Cheney displays an almost dazed and indifferent mood, made even darker with his Don Vito Corelone fedora. His wheelchair completes this sad picture of final defeat as he mechanically claps his hands. Hurting like hell after damaging his lower back "lifting boxes" surely only added to his lack of cheer in the freezing weather.

A low resolution copy of the original panoramic shot from which this close-up was extracted is below. The little Red Arrow shows where I zoomed for the shot above. More information at:

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Joel Simpson said...

That's pretty big for a cell phone. My favorite is Clarence Thomas sleeping with Scalia looking dazed off into the distance. Remember Polonius was known for his sleeping during theatrical presentations, according to Hamlet. Another self-serving pomposity.

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