Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Values

Mommy's little family secret is on the AP wires this morning. The would-be VP's teen daughter is preggers. Let's hear it for family values, and the sweet Christian virtues that underpin the Grand Old Party. But, hell, it gets cold on those eternally long nights in Alaska and sub-sheet aerobics can be healthy and keep the heart strong. Yes, it is also true, that without proper planning, unprotected sub-sheet aerobics can also cause a blessed pregnancy. Another future citizen to join the imaginary wonderful Oz created by strict right-to-life guarantors who do not, however guarantee a loving family or supportive upbringing to the newborn. Shotgun weddings rarely produce fawning parents. However, the lightly vetted lady on the mighty McCain ticket is a perfect match for the aging, downed hero aviator. A pair so frightening to imagine as the leaders of this country that even the greedy and the undecided will certainly think twice before voting for them.

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