Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reading from the Teleprompter

I watched some very brief moments of the Gathering Of Pomposity (GOP) convention this evening during the breaks in a Dirty Harry movie I was watching. But during one of the brief channel flicks off the movie I had to stop for a few seconds longer as Fred Thompson, jowls flattened by his lowered chin as he read his speech from the teleprompter, lauded the selection of the Lady Palin as another of their champions as VEEP. At first I thought it was the lighting, but his nose was growing almost imperceptibly. Nah. Sure, it was really bad, hyped BS he was trying to read convincingly, but Pinocchio? He feigned enthusiasm as he addressed the gathered matrons, and stern faced gentlemen in the noticeably older convention crowd than the crowd at the one last week. During the next Dirty Harry break, I flipped back and he was still extolling the hoped for virtues and toughness of the "Hockey Mom," and damn, it wasn't the lighting. His nose had grown almost an inch. A cutaway shot of the Gathered Old People (GOP) showed Barbara Bush leaning over to whisper to her husband. The expression on her face was one of smug defiance and belief in the power of dynasty. I couldn't click back to any more of the Griping Old Pukes (GOP) because Eastwood was finishing Magnum Force with a bang, which I doubted the other TV program would do. I look forward to reading the columns tomorrow, but remain frightened for America that there were that many people in that building. To Thompson's credit as he moved back stage, I am told by insiders, he did allow a union stage hand to saw off the new growth of nose and sand it off then a nice union makeup lady dabbed a little Tan #2 Max Factor on the shiny stub and he jumped into the waiting limo like nothing at all had happened. And as far as reality is concerned, it hadn't.

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